Original acrylic painting on canvas

This piece was quite the journey of self reflection. Inspired by a self photo shoot I did in thermal mode where I was focusing on radiating love from my heart center. I'd like to do a series of portraits like this all emphasizing different body parts or chakras. I decided to start with myself in case I messed up since I've never painted a person before. It’s definitely not perfect but I like it that way. I learned a lot about myself in the process and I'm happy with it. Shout out to @omeka_one who gave me a lesson that really helped me bring this painting to life. I couldn't have done it without your help and support. My heart and soul thank you!

Did you know cats see us in thermal? 🙂





"Meet me on the bridge"

(November 2017- January 2018)

This painting is about meeting people halfway in any and all relationships. I have grown and learned so much through the process of this piece. Not just about painting but I've learned more about myself as well. I am grateful for all the lessons and growth this past year has brought me and I step into the new year with a newfound faith and joy for life. Loving you all from the depth of my soul. Thank you for being!







My first completed painting titled “Awaken”